Trk Acoustic Wedge

Trk Acoustic Wedge

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Trk Acoustic Wedge : Seismic (Vibration Hangers) suspended ceiling omega wall damper, vibration impact control (Vibration Hangers) noise isolation accessories. Anti-vibration.  Suspended ceiling systems to ensure sound transmission loss in suspension hanger bars (Anti-Shock) and full acoustic sound wall insulation sales office in Turkey will meet your expectations in connection with the acoustic isolator system in omega-Turkish acoustic insulation. Acoustic vibration receiving ceiling and wall hanging apparatuses; Suspended ceiling partition wall connection element risograph, which is in the sound insulation category (Seismic Limiter), is a wall and ceiling suspension element that prevents noise and absorbs vibration. Isoagraph is an apparatus that prevents vibration between walls and floors. As Turkish acoustic architecture, we offer acoustic wedge solutions.

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