Acoustic Sponge Adhesive

Acoustic Sponge Adhesive

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Acoustic Sponge Adhesives: It is a universal solvent-based adhesive. It is not flammable. The surfaces to be bonded must be dust-free, dry, and clean. Adhesive glue can be used with a brush or sprayed with a gun. The adhesive is sprayed on a single surface, after a few minutes of drying time, the parts to be bonded are combined, if the surfaces are very absorbent, the adhesive can be applied in two layers. The vapor should not be inhaled, it should not come directly to the hand and eyes, and the adhesive should be used in a ventilated environment. The adhesive is applied on a single surface with 3-4 bar air pressure as a thin film on a single or double surface. 0-3 minutes after application.

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