Rebonded Ecobone Bondex Sponge

Rebonded Ecobone Bondex Sponge

Product Descrıptıon
Rebonded Echobone Bondex Sponge : Acoustic sponge is obtained from laminated sponge particles obtained from recycling wastes and produced in the form of plates and rolls. Rebonded bondex sound dampening insulation sponges are foams produced at high density and consist of a tightly dense combination of sponge parts. Bondex sound-absorbing sponges that can dampen high-frequency sounds can be used for sound insulation in wall ceilings and even as a vibration absorbing material on floors. Rebonded echobone bondex sound insulation sponge is used in construction applications and it is placed between the wall to ensure that the sound does not pass. It is a highly preferred product,

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